BC SAP_BASIS 2011. 6. 10. 09:46
- 2011.06.30 추가
현재는 저 노츠의 내용이 바뀌어서 아래 써 놓은 내용이 없어졌다..
입사동기넘이 솔맨테스트하다 아래 에러가 나서 물어보길래 뷀렐레 노츠봐봐~~ 했다가 내용이 없다고 해서 알았다;;
뭐야 이넘들;;;
쨋든...아래 내용은 여전히 유효하다;;

Solution Mgr. EHP1 SAINT or SPAM에서 다음과 같은 에러 발생

VIEW CTSOBJLISTV was not activated

Report RADTBCHK의 문제로 Notes 1256384를 수동으로 적용시켜 Active시켜주면 된다.


Delete Block
if nr <= 3. clear maxstrgnr.
* DT132: Table contains more than 3 long string-fields
perform stdo_smi0 using prid maxstrgnr(1) 'DT132'.

Insert Block
* According to platform coordination meeting from 20050512, the restriction
* for LOB columns is 16 per table definition. Pragmatically, this is a
* simply evaluatable limit by counting the LOB columns, without deep
* evaluation of the actual database platform limits.
* - Initially, when introducing LOBs, 3 had been chosen due to then existing
* platform limitiations.
* See log:
* on the modified limit 16.
* - Confirmation to upgrade limit from 3 to 16 starting from SAP_BASIS 7.01 SP 05
* by DB2/iSeries platform in Jun 09.
if nr <= 16. clear maxstrgnr.
* DT132: Table contains more than <n> long string-fields
perform stdo_smi1 using prid maxstrgnr(1) 'DT132' '16'.